The below committees/sections will be coordinated and lead by the following board member:
The members of the committee are formulated form the SES valuable members.

a. Continues Professional Development                        

– Dr. Danah Aljaafary

b. Scientific Board                                                        

– Dr. Haythum Altayeb

c. Financial Affair and Resources                                 

– Dr. Osamha Mothaffar

d. Child Epilepsy committee                                        

– Dr. Duaa Bararmah

e. Adult Epilepsy committee                                        

– Dr. Shireen Qureshi

f. Neurophysiology committee                                    

– Dr. Ali Baleegh – Dr Majed Alhameed

g. Neuropsychology and Psychiatry committee                     

– Dr. Haythum altayeb
h. SES Image (Website/ Media committee)                    – Dr. Zyed Althani

i. Nursing in Epilepsy Care                                           

– Dr. Norah Aljalal

j. SES relation and ILAE affair                                    

– Dr. Khalid Alqulaity
– Dr. Majed Alhameed

k. Epilepsy Surgery & Neurosurgery committee       

– Dr. Faisal Alotaibi

l. SES Awareness and Volunteering affair                  

– Dr. Norah Aljalal