Board of Directors

Faisal Alotaibi

Danah Aljaafari
Vice President

Norah Aljalal
General Secretary

Osamah Modhaffar

Duaa Baarmah
Board of Directors Member

Shireen Qurashi
Board of Directors Member

Zyad Althani
Board of Directors Member

Majed Alhameed
Board of Directors Member

Haythum Tayeb
Board of Directors Member

Khalid Alqulaity
Board of Directors Member

Ali Baleegh
Board of Directors Member

Past President

Dr. Raidah Albradaie

Dr. Sonia Khan



Saudi Epilepsy Society (SES) is the official non-profitable scientific association under    the    Saudi  Commission   for   health Specialties
for physicians and other  health workers dealing with epilepsy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This strategic plan has been developed by the Executive Committee of the Board and Executive Director of Epilepsy Saudi Arabia to provide a disciplined and forward thinking approach to the management of Epilepsy over the next 3 years.

The Executive Committee of the Board and Executive Director of Epilepsy Saudi Arabia have undertaken to develop a strategic plan which aligns the organization to areas of focus where it can be a clear leader in the sector and which differentiates it from activities of other stakeholders.

SES Establishment Historical Background:

The Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy (SCE) was founded in 1996 and was accepted as an active member of the International League Against Epilepsy in 1997.  The aim of this organization is to improve health care and public awareness of epilepsy, to provide and promote epilepsy education and research with excellence, quality, efficient and humanistic approach for medical and non-medical professionals, to coordinate academic activities among the ILAE Saudi Arabia Region, and to provide an appropriate response to current and future needs.A scientific group representing the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) in Saudi Arabia.


SCE found some difficulties due to unrecognized identity in the Saudi health & education systems, unclear Policies with Saudi health & governmental sectors, Lack of bank account, and limited sponsorship of academic activities. Therefore, the executive members applied through Saudi Commissions for health Specialties to establish Saudi Epilepsy Society(SES). Approval of the SES in November 2009. Election of the SES & SCE Presidents & amulgamization of the SCE &SES were on 23rd March 2010. And an election for the second term was on April 2013.

Governance: It works together with a network of affiliated and unaffiliated agencies, and individuals, to achieve the Purpose described in the mission and vision of the society. The Executive Committee of the Board currently comprised of eleven members, including president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

–           Sources of Funding: funding is entirely from the general public, including contributions from corporations, foundations, patrons, individuals and generated from special events.   Students are sometimes funded through government support.


  1. Ensure the official presence of Saudi delegates in scientific and administrative meetings of ILAE.
  2. Supervision of scientific and academic activities related to epilepsy in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Coordinate regular scientific meetings of the Saudi Chapter of Epilepsy in different regions of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Enhancement and support of epilepsy training.
  5. Enhancement and support of medical and technical EEG training

Vision, Mission, and Value



The official non-profitable scientific association under the Saudi Commission for health Specialties for physicians and other health workers dealing with epilepsy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.



To establish a world-class scientific society under the auspices of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties ensuring the highest level of clinical care, education and research in epileptic disorders to meet the needs of the community of Saudi Arabia.



Committed to meet the growing demands for high quality care for patients with epilepsy , as well as education and clinical research that combines all health care providers in epilepsy and health care advocates .This include adult & pediatric epileptology , neurology , neurosurgery, neuro-physiology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, neuroradiology , pharmacy , nursing and medical & other health students, and health care advocates.


Guiding Values

  • Promotion of Epilepsy Care and Science
  • Innovation in Epilepsy Education
  • Inspiring Passionate Commitment
  • Making a Global Impact
  • Collaboration and Building a Powerful Partnership

Saudi Epilepsy Society Strategic Plan

January 2020 to December 2023

Past President